June 10 Update: SmedleyGoGo is a Go! The Canadian Team Selection has wrapped up, confirming Cameron as Senior C1M #1 and Liam as U23 C1M #1 on Team Canada. With the demanding summer schedule set, we are asking for your help.

SmedleyCanoe is Cameron and Liam Smedley. We are brothers racing in whitewater canoe slalom for Team Canada. Competing in amateur sport is a full time commitment of blood, sweat and chasing excellence. Every year brings a demanding schedule of training and racing around the world. This year, we are asking for your support for our 2016 season. Last summer Cameron earned Canada an Olympic quota spot in the C1M class by winning the silver medal at the Toronto2015 PanAm Games. Cameron has now officially qualified for the Canadian Olympic Team and will compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Liam’s 2016 season is focused on the U23 World Championships in Krakow, POL.


In Canada, athletes can be supported by federal or provincial assistance programs. While we are fortunate to have access to basic funding, it does not cover the costs of our athletic careers. Working your way to the top requires investing in a full schedule of training camps and races every year. We don’t want to cut corners due to cost, we want to race our ideal seasons. We believe that sport brings people together. It has connected us with you, and with a community all over the world. It takes strength to race, and it takes strength to ask for help.


Cameron and Liam's 2016 season


We each have an individual plan for what our best season should include. Without additional support, we will not be able to cover the costs of a full season.


We’ve been cheered on by parents, friends, volunteers, and fans our entire careers. Thank you for all the support you have given. You’ve been yelling Go!Go! all along and it has kept us going. If you are able to support our journey further, we would really appreciate it. To acknowledge your generosity we’ve put together an offering of Givebacks. When you donate to the SmedleyGoGo we will add your name to the literal SmedleyCanoe, a canoe-shaped wood slab. If you would like to choose a Giveback that matches your donation, we would love to bring these ideas to life and say thanks Smedley-style.

Your Name on the Smedley Canoe
Any Donation Amount

We're going to mill up a slab of wood into our very own SmedleyCanoe to showcase all the supporters who donate to the campaign. If you'd like to pitch in an amount that works for you, and are content with a warm fuzzy feeling and a heartfelt thank you, choose the SmedleyCanoe.

Postcard from Rio

Liam & Alison are attending the Rio Olympics as #1 fans. One of us will write to you from Rio and share the experience of watching the canoe slalom events & cheering Cam on. Available worldwide.

2 Smedley Canoe Posters

Two great posters, one portrait shot, one action shot, of Cameron and Liam. Available for shipping in Canada, or for local delivery in select cities worldwide.

Breakfast w/ the Smedley Canoe Team

Team SmedleyCanoe will cook & serve a majestic breakfast for 8 of you who sign on as an individual breakfast lover. Hosted at one of our homes in central Ottawa. Meet other fans & have a great time. Date to be determined.

1.2L Smedley Kombucha

We’ll brew you a batch of tasty fermented tea. Kombucha is a sweet & acerbic carbonated drink. We have some tried and true flavours to share, like ‘Liam’s Cracked Pepper-Orange’ and ‘Alison’s Peppermint-Hibiscus’. Local delivery in Ottawa only.

Smedley Canoe Branded Buffalo Plaid Tube Bandana

We are big fans of the classic red & black, and even use it in our paddling top designs. This tubular bandana is made in a performance knit fabric and protects you from sun and wind. Available for shipping in Canada or for local delivery in select cities worldwide.

Smedley Maple Syrup + Smedley Canoe Poster

Harvested from the trees we grew up tapping. You’ll receive a 250ml bottle of maple syrup and an awesome SmedleyCanoe poster. Available for shipping in Canada or for local delivery in select cities worldwide.

Coached Training Session w/ Smedley Canoe

One of the Smedley Canoe brothers, Cam or Liam will take you through a one-on-one coached session to progress your technique and pass on the tricks to our training. 30 minute warm up - 75 minute workout of your choosing - 15 minute cool down. Available locally in Ottawa or internationally.

Signed Bib Pillow

Cam and Liam collect bibs from racing at the World Cups and World Championships. We’ll be sewing them into throw pillow covers, and signing them - a fun way to put your support for Smedley Canoe and Team Canada on display! Local delivery in the Ottawa Valley, or for Canada wide shipping without the pillow.

Smedley Canoe Team Breakfast for 8

Team SmedleyCanoe will cook & serve a majestic breakfast for you and your 7 closest friends. Our place or yours, as long as it’s in the Ottawa area.

Lunch Party (Delivered by Ski) to a Gatineau Cabin

Gatineau Park is one of our favourite playgrounds. SmedleyCanoe delivers (on skis) a tasty picnic style lunch to the day use cabin of your choice. Food & drink for a party of 8, winter of 2016/17.

Private Kayak Lesson for 2

Start from scratch! Learn the greatest sport out there, whitewater kayaking/canoeing from Alison + Cam or Liam as assistant instructor (she’s more qualified than us on this one). Available locally in Ottawa.

Lunch & Learn: The Olympic Experience

Bring the Smedley Canoe brothers into your business for presentation on realizing the Olympic dream, adversity, and determination. Cameron will tell you the path that his Olympic dream has brought him on.

The Future of Canoe Slalom Mixed C2

Receive a new-to-you C2 and put together your own mixed crew to take the slalom world by storm. Contact us for photos and details.

Smedley GoGo

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